Your words make your life

Change Your Words: Change your life!

What you speak is what you see. What you see is what you spoke. Tell someone they are stupid, dumb, or worthless and sooner rather than later they will believe it! Take note of how you speak to your children and those around you. Your life is what you created by your words and the words spoken over you. Choose this day to make a change. Start today speaking words of hope, love, and life to yourself and those around you. Especially your children! Start today to make a difference. Look in a mirror: speak to the lies and tell them you will believe them no longer. Speak life! You are beautiful, you are capable, you were created with a purpose. You have a plan, a destiny, and a future. Quit looking at the storm around you and look to the one who controls the storm. He will walk on water to get in the boat with you. Speak life to your children, speak life to yourself. Change your words -change your world. Create a better world for your children. Believe in the One who believes in you!

“I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully Made.” Ps 139:14

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