Your Talents

Use your God Given Talent

God has given each of us a talent to bring Glory to Him. We are all apart of His beautifully woven tapestry. When He calls you to do something,

 He has already equipped you to do what He has asked of you. The enemy of your soul would want you to believe that you are trapped in the status quo.

 Every day the same. Things have always been this way. People in my family have always been like this, so therefore I am the same.

If you are happy to remain the same, things will never change. When you decide to do something about it then you will grow.

Your talent will grow, as you use what you are given, God will increase your talents. They will multiply, for your good and His Glory.

You must become teachable and open yourself up to do the little things.

Like everything else in life, it always starts with the first step. Start today take that step, He will meet you where you are. There is no telling where you will go or what you will do.

Ask Him to reveal your talent and start your Adventure today!

“For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance: but he who does not have, even that will be taken away.” Matt 25:29

Day Light or Night Light

The Light in the day will blend in with its surroundings.  It will make little difference to that which is around it.

 As for the light in the night it illuminates its surroundings. We as Christians choose to walk in the light of Christ but choose how our light affects the world around us.

When we hang out with or Christian family and church friends our light blends in and has little impact on the world.

To shine our light among those in the darkness, to go against the flow of humanity, against the surrounding culture, the beliefs of the lost.

Now that is a light that can change the world! The light that shines in the day can hardly be seen

But the light that shines in the dark can be seen for miles! It is most crucial now; in this world we live in. to light up the world for Christ! Shine your light!

Do not fear the darkness. Your light is most powerful in the dark. Live today as a light in the night.

Mathew 5: 14-16 ” You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. “

If Only

Don’t let the “If Only” Win

Our lives are hard enough without the constant bombardment of what we think we’re missing. My life would be better if…  You can fill in the blank! We need to stop comparing ourselves to the world around us. If only I were prettier, smarter, made more money, had a bigger house or better spouse. The world is not perfect and no one in it is!  Stop playing the “what if” game and focus on the blessings that surround you. Appreciate the blessings and the good things that you do have. Adopt the attitude of gratitude and practice it! Look around you, do you have job, a house to live in, and food on your table? Then appreciate them. Stop focusing on what you don’t have and focus on what you already have. No one’s life is perfect. If it were, we would not have need of our Heavenly Father. There is no such thing as the perfect anything, this side of heaven. That is alright for we have a God who loves us, and we are made in His image. We are clothed with His righteousness. There is a God who loves YOU!

Ps 139:14” I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


Looking for the hand of God

God’s hand working

God can turn even the wrong decisions to work in your favor. People can make decisions that affect what happens in our life. We usually want to blame others for choices that directly cause stress or loss in our lives. Whether you are at work or in family situations, where you have no control over the decisions others make, look to God. He will always bring about his plan for your life. It may take a detour as Joseph’s did when his brothers sold him into slavery or when the butler forgot about him or even running away from the Pharaoh’s wife. God still got him to the Pharaoh’s palace, to save his father and brothers. Second in all Egypt!

I have learned myself even in the work place you sometimes have no control over what happens. Decisions are made that concern you, but you do not always play a part in the decision process. Instead of letting the enemy get in and cause strife, praise God! The purposes and plans of God eventually overcome the plans of man. No one can stop the plans that God has for your life, except you. Before you were born every day was written by Him. He chose you!

Keep your attitude and heart pure before Him allow to work everything out for your good and His glory! Look for His hand in all things. His plans are always pure, perfect and good!

Ps 37:23 “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way”

Majestic touristic wooden pathway in the colorful autumn deep forest with clean brook and spectacular waterfalls, Plitvice National Park, Croatia, Europe

Children are a Blessing

Children are a Blessing.

Children add to the family dynamics. When you bring a child into your family it can be a challenge. Not only did you adjust as a couple, but now you have a helpless individual in your care as well. They now control your world! They tell you when to eat, sleep, and relax. They have a schedule all their own and they are an extension of your love. They are a gift from the Lord for a short time to watch over and care for. Your job as a parent is life altering. You create a safe place for them, full of love, joy, tenderness, and safety. Speaking into their live that first few years is so important. Pray for them, love them, hug, them, and be with them. Your love as a father and mother is the beginning of their journey to success or failure.  Choose Love, Choose Life, Chose your Child!

“Behold children are a heritage from the Lord… Happy is the man whose quiver is full.”  Psalm 127:3-5

Enjoy your life’s Journey

Through my blog I hope to share Godly wisdom that I have learned through the years. I have been married for 32 years and have raised three wonderful children. Two of which are married and one is engaged to be married next year. My husband is a retired teacher and now a partner with his brother in a new business . I am still currently employed at the local high school. I have also been a class advisor to the junior and senior classes for the past ten years.

This is where my heart hurts for the youth of today. Daily I see many young men and young ladies struggling with choices they make to be accepted by their peers. Many do not have positive home lives or come from single family homes with a working parent struggling to make ends meet. They work hard to provide and find themselves sinking deeper into despair.

My hope is that I can share my life’s experiences and lessons I have learned with other parents and families.
I do not promise that everyone’s life will be a bed of roses, but maybe we can pull out some weeds before they get overgrown. Every family is a garden full of potential. Every child is destined for greatness! They have a purpose, a plan, and a destiny. Every family , no matter the size, needs others to come along side to bring comfort and hope. Together we can make a difference.