Your Talents

Use your God Given Talent

God has given each of us a talent to bring Glory to Him. We are all apart of His beautifully woven tapestry. When He calls you to do something,

 He has already equipped you to do what He has asked of you. The enemy of your soul would want you to believe that you are trapped in the status quo.

 Every day the same. Things have always been this way. People in my family have always been like this, so therefore I am the same.

If you are happy to remain the same, things will never change. When you decide to do something about it then you will grow.

Your talent will grow, as you use what you are given, God will increase your talents. They will multiply, for your good and His Glory.

You must become teachable and open yourself up to do the little things.

Like everything else in life, it always starts with the first step. Start today take that step, He will meet you where you are. There is no telling where you will go or what you will do.

Ask Him to reveal your talent and start your Adventure today!

“For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance: but he who does not have, even that will be taken away.” Matt 25:29

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