Trust in God’s Word

Trusting in God’s Word

  We must choose to believe the word and stand on the promises of our God or go the way of the world. We need to make a stand for right,

 for justice and for those who cannot stand yet for themselves. We must stop hiding our heads in the sand and making excuses to stay uninvolved.

There are many family members, children and friends who need what you have. You have the very keys to the kingdom through the word of God to help set the captives free.

Trust in God’s word. Choose to stand against the darkness and stand for the light. Use your sword to do battle for Family ,friends and neighbors.

God’s word is true. The darkness will always be at war with the light. The light will always be at war with the darkness.

In the end there is no more middle ground. Either the darkness will destroy the light, or the light will destroy the darkness.

Choose Wisely.

And take up the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirt, which is the word of God.”  Eph.6:17

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